Whitepaper Smart City Strategy





The rise of smart technology and the trend of urbanization have led to the concept of smart cities. However, there is no consensus available regarding the concept of smart city. Scholars still have trouble defining this concept because of the multi-disciplinary nature and its changing focus and scope in practice. Creating a so-called smart city is a long-term process that needs a lot of effort, the cooperation of many parties and not in the least commitment of its citizens. It could be argued that many smart cities currently lack a strategic approach. Cities and companies use the label of smart city to rebrand their current activities in a fashionably way, push technology projects or use a very small portion of smart technology to reach their goals. A strategic approach asks for a thorough assessment of the progress, opportunities and risks of implementing smart city technology. Furthermore, there should be a joint vision available regarding how smart cities’ technology contributes to their specific problems. This white paper looks at the concept of a smart city strategy and three levels of maturity that can be distinguished in the city approach.
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