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Smart Applications are applications that are aware of their environment through sensor data. The FIWARE platform provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that ease the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors. The specifications of these APIs are public and royalty-free. Besides, an open source reference implementation of each of the FIWARE components is publicly available so that multiple FIWARE providers can emerge faster in the market with a low-cost proposition. Fiware is one of the results of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership, a European programme for Internet innovation started in 2011. Today, a few years later, Fiware comprises of a complete ecosystem, having realized many open source components, several cloud environments for experimenting, programs for business acceleration and much more. For TFF bridge we stayed close to the heart of Fiware: The collecting and publishing of sensor data. The core component is the Orion Context Broker, used for publishing data. Orion uses the Mobile Alliance NGSI10 standard for exchange of data. Orion is like a big blackboard where producers can leave their last measurements and consumers can pick up the measurements, without directly knowing the producer. Another result of Fiware is the collection of data models, type information about data objects. Without a data model, the knowledge about a data object is implicit and embedded in the consumer of data. With a data model, complete decoupling between producer and consumer can be realized. In the project we have collected data from third party services for use in the project. The sources we use are:
  • Social Media Indicator (a Saxion service for finding the influencers on social media). The data model is proprietary.
  • Weather (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Enschede). The data model is WeatherObserved.
  • Groundwater measurements in Enschede. The data model is proprietary.
  • The available spots in the parking garages in Enschede. The data model is OffstreetParking.
Besides the use of Orion for actual measurements, we have deployed a CKAN instance to register and store datasets.  With the help of Cygnus we subscribe to the data at Orion and store the data in a database for later retrieval. CKAN makes it possible to browse and search for datasets. Numerous views can be created to view a datasets. CKAN has many standard views available. We have developed a web-based application for showing the map of Enschede, showing the parking garages, groundwater levels and weather. The same application is also used as a dedicated webview in CKAN for a few datasets. Fiware has incorporated an extensive access control solution based on centralized identity management. Access to an API is guarded by a Policy Enforcement Point. If needed, fine-grained authorization can be applied using dedicated security policies.