FAT project





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Students of the creative technology academy created experimental installations to show how smart city data and technology can be incorporated in real-life situations. During a three day exposition these installations proved how technology could improve locations by adding new functionality in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Some of these installations were informative; art gallery “Beeld en Aambeeld” showed an installation that gave visitors information about different art galleries in the city. The local music hall “Atak” offered visitors a way to create an ideal night on the town using an interactive map of the city. Other installations used data in a more playful manner like the installation at the “Comicasa” that sells comics and boardgames, the installation there was a game that got harder if there was more traffic surrounding the city. The goal of this project was to have an intense and very public living-lab that showed how the city center of Enschede could be transformed into a unique experience using cutting edge technology and smart data.